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Posted by on May 21, 2014 in Real Estate Investing |

Profile Of A Successful Property Developer

Affordable Home Ownership Methods By Rick Otton

Reports from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and The Australian Housing and Financing have revealed that, the amount of mortgage debts among household have increased beyond controllable levels. These reports also indicate that there are huge flows within housing options that the government has given to its citizens. These flaws make it almost impossible for low income earners to invest or have a mortgage on their one. This is not too good a report for both the government and real estate agents.

Rick OttonAccording to Rick Otton, an expert in the real estate market, there are several alternatives that low income earners in Australia can use to own a home. These alternatives require little to no personal investment at all. Rick has been able to transform many Aussies lives for the past 14 years, and this has increased the number of home owners in the radical home ownership methods here. Through his mentorship, more people are now able of minimizing their mortgage debts by using the more flexible and stress free payment plans.

Rick has been practicing and teaching the new and flexible home ownership plans for some time, and this has led to reduced number of debts among persons who adopt his methods. These methods are applicable even in these harsh economic times. If you want to know more about Rick Otton success stories read the information below.

Rick Otton’s Profile

The radical/revolutionary home ownership plans that Rick presented to the real estate market have been key to his success and prominence. Some of these achievements come from:

(a) Dymocks Bookstores: This book by Rick has earned him a lot of respect in the real estate market. It ware rated among the 10 best financial book titles last year. This book gives guidelines and insights on successful methods that one can employ for just a little investment, yet realize maximum profits. This comes from the 22 years he has been in the property industry.

(b) Creative real estate podcast by Rick: this podcast is rated no.1 in Australia as it presents quality info for real estate enthusiasts. The podcast helps both novice and expert investors understand the market better, and even look at the investment from a different angle to make profits.

(C) Rick’s Property Training Company: It is considered to be the oldest real estate company in all of Australia. Although a training company, it has trained more than 30,000 investors since the year 2001. Through the innovative ideas learned from this training company, investors have been able to conquer markets at home, New Zealand and even in the UK.

Ricks Teaching Overview

The main idea behind making profits in real estate is coming to an agreement with a property owner to be. This starts by convincing the low income earner to rent the house first (for a couple of months or years), then start paying more in mortgage installments in order to own the house. After securing finance, the tenant now becomes the rightful owner of the house without having to look for a huge sum to invest in mortgage plans.

This plan/method alone has given more low income owners a chance to buy a home, stress free. These homeowners wouldn’t have a home if it were not for Ricks innovative methods.